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by Jo O’Reilly

IT IS the last gig before Christmas at Stortford’s Half Moon and it’s a sold out show. The Albino Peaches have a tough set to crack. They’re second on in a line up headed by the Holloway’s Alfie Jackson, who incidentally turns up an hour and a half late, by which point the crowd have mostly given up and moved on.

As The Albino Peaches take to the stage, the crowd are unaware that the headline act has taken the wrong train, and are ready to get into the party spirit.

Far from the class of 2006, British indie sound I was expecting, the first song has more in common with Deep South blues rockers The Black Keys. Only the accents on stage here are clearly fake, the singer is from up North, the other two members from Essex. I suspect they haven’t really spent much time in Memphis.

Musically though, it’s working and unlike the accents, the swagger is right at home on the Essex/Hertfordshire border. I decide that as it is Christmas, and I am drinking a Coors Light, to forgive the American accents. The next couple of songs give more than a nod to Jake Bugg, someone who seems to have done (for such a young age) an impressive job of slotting his clearly american influences into his Nottingham roots.

It’s the bass and drums that drive this band, another similarity to The Black Keys. They manage to remain tight without ever sounding over-practiced.

As the set draws to a close they introduce an old song ‘Flamer’. The country influence is more obvious here, but it works better and sounds less of an imitation than the Delta Blues from earlier in the set.

Ending the set with Slade’s “Merry Christmas Everybody” could have been a cheesy move but actually, the crowd are a few beers into the night already and it works, they pull it off on just the right side of irony.

As musically impressive as a band like this might be, you can’t help feeling their sound might have missed the zeitgeist. That said, if they play their music industry cards right, keep gigging and get heard by the right people, they have the look and sound that could easily land them on ‘Later with Jools’ within the next year.

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2013-12-26 00:33:46

The deep south blues band The Black Keys from Akron? Hmmm great musical research journalism there.

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