Enjoy a festive pint in a Harlow but behave!

Communities / Tue 24th Dec 2013 at 12:55pm

WITH the Christmas and New Year party period upon us Harlow Council is warning troublemakers who spoil the party that they face being banned from licensed premises.

Behave or Be Banned (BOBB), the national scheme which aims to reduce alcohol-related crime and antisocial behaviour, is in place in many licensed premises across Harlow to ensure that people can enjoy themselves safely.

People who cause a nuisance in the town centre’s pubs, clubs and bars face being banned from all of them under the scheme which is operated under Pubwatch, a cooperative venture which includes managers of pubs, clubs and other licensed venues who work in partnership with local businesses and agencies such as the police, local authorities, fire service and Trading Standards.

The scheme was introduced to Harlow in a bid to cut down on drink and drug-related crime. Many pubs and clubs in Harlow have signed up to BOBB, which was launched on 1 February 2006.

Under the BOBB scheme, anyone cautioned, reprimanded, given a formal warning or charged with any of the following offences will be banned from every licensed premise in the town centre that is signed up to the scheme:

· Acts of violence – including any form of assault or sexual assault
· Causing criminal damage
· Public order offences (including using threatening words or behaviour)
· Possession of a controlled drug

It will help with the enforcement of underage drinking and take positive action against the use and supply of controlled drugs.

Harlow Council’s Licensing Team, in conjunction with Essex Police, arrange and attend meetings with licensed premises that are signed up to both Pubwatch and BOBB on a monthly basis with town centre premises and once every two months with licensed pubs/members clubs outside of the town centre. The joint initiative is supported by the Safer Harlow Partnership and involves Essex Police, Harlow Council and Town Centre Pubwatch. Initiatives have been run in other areas within Essex with great success.

Councillor Ian Beckett, Chair of the Council’s Licensing Committee, says: “We don’t want people coming to enjoy a night out in Harlow to be put off by troublemakers; we want people to relax and enjoy themselves. The BOBB and Pubwatch initiatives are part of making the town centre a safer place to go in the evenings.

“There will unfortunately be the odd one or two people who are out to cause trouble. If people misbehave the BOBB scheme will ensure those people are banned from all licensed premises signed up to the scheme across the town.”

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