Harlow resident documents town’s decline in new photoblog

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by Jo O’Reilly

HARLOW resident, John Higgitt has started a new photoblog ‘Harlow: a photographers view’ documenting areas around the town that could do with some TLC. A Harlow resident for over 20 years Higgitt explained to Your Harlow how the idea came about,

“It all started when I was walking my dogs near to foldcroft resource centre and was disgusted by how the property had been left to decay and is a blot on the landscape. So as a result of this, I decided to create the blog and document areas of concern, to highlight with images.”

The blog includes pictures of the original Passmores Comprehensive School building currently boarded up, the closed down Harlow Council Employees Social Club at Fishers Hatch as well as the now derelict YMCA building next to The Square.

Higgitt hopes his blog will catch the attention of local politicians,”The reason for starting the blog is to show the people of Harlow, the local MP, the many councillors of individual areas within Harlow the state of the town.”

“If people live in a town that has no pride due to lack of maintenance then why should they have any pride for the town”, said Higgott.

Whilst, adamant his intention is promote change within the town, the blog provides a fascinating look at the town, capturing often in black and white, stark images of a changing Harlow.

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