Suzy Stride condemns County Council over unspent community cash

Politics / Mon 13th Jan 2014 at 10:23am


TORY-LED Essex County Council has returned £1.2m “community money” to developers in the past five years. The money is from 106 agreements, where community money is given unspent given to councils by developers during planning talks.

Section 106 agreements are negotiated between a developer and council to help make new home schemes more attractive to communities. It can be used to help fund affordable housing as well as roads, parks and youth services. But there are concerns that at a time of council cutbacks the money is not being handled properly and being left too long before being spent.

Some 106 agreements have a deadline for spending the money – effectively a “use it or lose it” clause. Suzy Stride, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Harlow, has criticised the Tory Administration of Essex County Council for failing to hand out grants in time.

Suzy Stride, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Harlow said,

“In the climate of cuts, including £3 million proposed cuts to the youth services, this could have gone towards youth services, community facilities, street lighting, pavements and many of the things that people across Harlow and Essex are keen to see changed. This is a massive missed opportunity by Tory run Essex County Council.”

“It is people in Harlow and across Essex that suffer as a result of Essex County Council wastage of this money. Tory Essex County Council has no vision for investment in local communities. They are so focused on cuts; they were not focused on investment.

“It is the people of Harlow who will feel like they have been ripped off. This money was supposed to go into the community but because of incompetence it’s going back into the pockets of developers.”

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3 Comments for Suzy Stride condemns County Council over unspent community cash:

2014-01-13 15:51:16

Demonstrates her total lack of understanding of 106 agreements. The money is often subject to very tight conditions that might or might not be met. Furthermore it might be that not a single penny was earmarked for Harlow - so without finding that out she shouldn't comment. It would also be interesting to see how much 106 money has not been used by Harlow's Labour Council. Maunds Hatch are still awaiting their money and proposals, Prentice Place is hardly moving at a pace, and the less said about the expensive court case and Labour mess created over the Second Avenue Sound Barrier the better! Miss Stride needs to learn to stop churning out the press releases without checking her facts - if you lead with your chin it'll get hit!

2014-01-13 15:53:05

Anyway - what percentage of 106 money does £1.2M actually represent? I'm guessing not a great deal!

Lee Dangerfield
2014-01-13 17:23:21

This really shows this candidate is not getting anything checked just going ahead full stream . Poor show really, I had hoped she had a team around her but clearly not. I saw a Band wagon on ebay perhaps she could bid on it then jump on it. It could help!

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