Diary of a stay at home dad: Week Thirty Three

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ONCE AGAIN, we dip into the diary of Old Harlow “Stay at Home Dad” Rob Tyler.

For all the diary entries, go to his Facebook page.

“Well things are finally all back to normal now that the hectic Christmas period is over and Ruby is back at school. Not even a late mark to her name yet, but it is only week one of the new school term. I have cut one thing out of the morning routine which everybody loves and hates at the same time, the snooze button on the alarm. I used to always set my alarm a little earlier so I could have another ten minute nap, but sometimes it would lead to another half hour nap which would then lead to me and both girls running out the door like Usain Bolt at the Olympics, but with a croissant’s hanging out their mouth while trying to do their coat up.

“I was playing fuzzy felts with Poppy one morning and she insisted to make a picture of me. I had to put my hands over my eye’s as she said ‘’no peeking dad” a few minutes later Poppy shouted ‘’minished’’ It was a version of me I had never seen before. I looked like a butternut squash with a beard and funny hair. (very realistic then) Children have an honesty (which I love) and the ability to just say things as they look without thinking on a person’s feelings first. I can remember when Poppy and Ruby’s honesty embarrassed Daddy on a few occasions in the past here is a few examples.

“I was on a bus with Poppy when we walked past a rather voluptuous lady who complimented poppy on her lovely eyes. So Poppy thought she would return the favour saying the words ‘’you got baby in your tummy” while patting the woman’s belly. I grabbed her hand and marched quickly to the back of the bus.

“While on a train with Ruby I had forgotten to buy her a train ticket as they don’t need one until they are five. This was just a week past her fifth birthday so I told her to just say she was four (terrible behavior I know) as it turned out there was no inspectors on the train, but later that day we went for a walk and saw some good friends walking their dog and the first thing Ruby says was ‘’daddy says I am still four because of the ticket man on the train” love you too Ruby

“I was out with friends doing Christmas shopping and I looked at ruby and said what do you want to get Mummy this year then? her reply was some new Nic nocks (Knickers) as her ones go right up her bum!! which reminded me of when I said the exact same thing about my own mother one Christmas many moons ago Sorry mum. (Love you)

“The night before I had eaten a curry and washed it down with a little beer and Poppy came into Mummy and Daddy’s room to wake me up she gave me a great big kiss then said ‘’EERR dad have you blown off in your mouth” (Thanks Pops)

Let us stay on that last point a minute. It makes me laugh when in films a couple will share a little morning kiss together, but in reality MORNING BREATH gets everybody, film stars and celebrities included. I have occasionally joked and woke up a little earlier then the wife to have a little freshen up then get back into bed as if I never left.

On a serious note I’m becoming less useful to my beautiful girls as each day passes at the most popular saying in my house right now is ‘’I can do it myself Dad” with my response being ‘’I’m only trying to help you” I guess this is their first steps towards independence and I can tell you it doesn’t feel very nice, as parents we can often moan with the constant things we are always doing for our children and then the day comes when you hear the words ‘’I can do it myself” and it leaves a little uncomfortable feeling that your little one is not so little anymore and they won’t always be small and embarrass you in public.

They will get older and you will embarrass them in public, but until that day comes I’m going to enjoy being (in my girls words) a cool dad.

Until next week……

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