Future of housing in Harlow

Politics / Fri 24th Jan 2014 at 12:01pm

CONSULTATION on the next stage of determining where future housing will go in Harlow is set to start this Spring.

Last night’s (23 January 2014) Special Cabinet gave the go ahead to undertake public consultation in Spring on how the town will develop in future. The work will help prepare an updated statutory Local Plan for Harlow which will guide where future new housing, jobs and services will go in the town up until 2031.

Harlow’s Local Plan needs to reflect the future needs of the community and businesses and to provide a framework for the consideration and assessment of planning applications.

The consultation will involve asking the public and business for views on a series of development scenarios which aim to provide more housing and jobs. The consultation will also include looking at where housing could go in the town and outside the town’s borders to meet Harlow’s future needs.

Councillor Paul Sztumpf, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Regeneration, said: “The Local Plan will provide a framework for the town to secure, more and better housing, regeneration, a thriving economy, a green environment and social inclusion. Securing all of these will not come without significant challenges, particularly when it comes to protecting our environment.”

Councillor Phil Waite, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Environment, said: “The National Planning Policy Framework requires Harlow Council to consider alternative options that could be used to meet future needs. All of the suggested options will be subject to further evaluation taking into account such matters as schools, health services, transport and the results of the consultation.”

Councillor Mark Wilkinson, Leader of Harlow Council, said: “New housing, new jobs and having the right infrastructure is key to Harlow’s future.

These are important issues for the town and are among the highest priorities for our residents. We will be seeking the views and co-operation of Harlow’s residents, businesses and organisations together with those of neighbouring Councils, on the amount of development needed together with examples of possible development locations.

We are committed to developing this plan in an open and transparent manner and I hope the consultation will bring about a healthy debate on how Harlow should develop in future. We need new housing for Harlow people but where should it go?”

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