Little Parndon Primary told to improve by Ofsted

Politics / Fri 24th Jan 2014 at 12:24pm

LITTLE PARNDON primary school have been told to improve by Ofsted.

The report has classified the school as “Requires Improvement”

The report makes the following criticisms:

1.Standards,especially in mathematics,fell at the end of Year 6 in 2013 after several years of improvement.

2.Pupils have not made sufficiently accelerated progress in mathematics for the last two years.

3.Progress in reading in 2013 was slower than in writing.

4.Not enough attention is given to developing pupils’ speaking skills.

5.Teachers do not always have sufficiently high expectations of what pupils are capable of achieving, or of the quality of written work.

6.Teachers do not analyse information on pupils’ progress in sufficient detail to be able to identify where pupils need support.

7.Senior leaders do not give enough priority to ensuring that pupils learn more rapidly, so making more than the expected level of progress.

8.Aspects of assessment in the Early Years Foundation Stage are not rigorous enough to help adults plan well-targeted activities.

The report details the following strengths

1. Pupils are very enthusiastic about school. Their positive attitudes to learning, carefully nurtured by staff, are a significant strength.

2.Progress is consistently good in Years 1 and 2, and attainment has risen, reflecting effective teaching in those years.

3.Pupils make good progress in writing, and progress in reading is improving rapidly.

4.Children achieve well in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

5.Actions taken by school leaders have brought about many improvements. Declining trends in reading have already been addressed.

6.Pupils are safe and behave well.

7.This is a highly inclusive school. Pupils with a wide range of needs are all supported well.

8.Pupils who speak English as an additional language make particularly good progress.

9.Pupils supported by extra government funding make similar progress to the others.

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