Review: Moot House produce a devil of a performance

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IT LOOKS like the Moot House Players continue to go from strength to strength as they produced a haunting production of Brian Clemen’s “The Devil At Midnight”.

Some may know the work of Brian Clemens through Danger Man and The Avengers (those of us with long memories!).

Nicki White is haunted in her nightmares by, what she describes, as the devil, lifting her from her bed and taking her away from her family.

As psychoanalyst Liz Burns digs deeper, are Nicki’s nightmares the result of some eariler trauma? Does the finger of blame lie much closer to home than she thought?’

The key performance is by Kerry Rowland who plays Nicki. The first half sees her as a fragile victim whereas in the second half, the hunted becomes the hunter. It could be easy to ham this role up. Kerry produces an excellent performances blending fear, rage and a quest for justice.

The whole of the second half belongs to Kerry who produces a pitch perfect performance that enthrals the audience.

The development of the story depends on the build up between Liz played by Bridget McAlpine and Jack played by Michael Rees. Michael produces a very entertaining performance where he delivers some very funny lines with pace and great timing. You have to get the ambiguity in his character. Is this an amiable chap or is their a dark side? Bridget also produces a performance where the character has to keep weighing up everyone and trying to come to the right conclusion which does very well.

This was a very well directed play as well (by Dan Powell). Not an ounce of fat on any scene. The play remained tense throughout. It was also helped by very good sound effects (the car with one headlight).

Our only criticism was that between them Bridget and Michael needed prompting around nine times. Not fair when Kerry was word perfect as was Matt Hunt (He had one line but a hell of a menacing stare).

Overall, a great piece of entertainment as well as very thought provoking. Well done to the Moot House Players for taking on an ambitious piece of theatre.


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