Abbotsweld Primary told to improve by Ofsted

Communities / Wed 5th Feb 2014 at 04:51pm

EDUCATION watchdog, Ofsted has warned Abbotsweld Primary school that standards are not good enough and the school is required to improve.

The school is yet another of the Harlow primary schools that has been deemed not good enough and mark a very worrying trend in the town.

The Ofsted report does make reference to the effects that the tragic deaths of the Shakoor may have had on the students.

The report states: “Progress of pupils in Key Stage 2 has been steady but not rapid. Most pupils leave having made expected progress from their starting points but with standards that are below that of pupils nationally. Progress in 2013 dipped because the school went through a very traumatic time, which affected both staff and pupils”.

Among the criticisms are:

1. Teaching is not consistently good across the school. As a result, pupils’ achievement is not good in English and Mathematics.

2. Pupils’ attainment iswell below the national averages in writing and grammar, and broadly average in reading and mathematics.

3. Progress in Key Stage 1 is not rapid enough for children to reach standards expected nationally.

4. Pupils do not make as much progress as they could in English and mathematics.

5. Rates of progress in English and mathematics vary too much in Key Stage 1 and lower Key Stage 2, especially in writing.

6. The marking policy is not consistently applied in some classes, which means that not all pupils get the advice and support they need to improve their work.

Among the positive comments are:

1. Progress at the top of Key Stage 2 is rapid and improving pupils’ standards.

2. Relationships between adults and pupils and among staff are very good.

3. Pupils behave well and have positive attitudes to their work.


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