Just when you thought solve rates for burglary in Harlow couldn’t get any worse…..

Politics / Thu 13th Feb 2014 at 06:46pm

LAST MONTH, we reported that just out of 49 burglaries in Harlow in November 2013, only two were solved. We have dipped back into the crime stats on www.police.uk and found that in December there were 48 recorded burglaries in Harlow and only one appears to be solved.

We get no pleasure from reporting this. For some, you cut so deeply into the police budget and this will happen. For many, blaming the rank and file police officers is a bit like blaming the front desk at the Job Centre for the unemployment statistics.

But the question remains as to how this situation be resolved or improved. Should there be a call to give the police the resources necessary, the proper tools to do what the joined up for in the first place?

For your information, the burglaries occurred in the following places:

Harlow Central

Sovereign Court
Tylney Croft
Parking Area
Barn Mead
East Gate
Barn Mead
The Fortunes
Appleyard Close

Harlow East

Chelsea Grove
Red Lion Crescent

Harlow North

Harefield x 2
Howard Way
Mowbray Road
Muskham Road……..Solved…..Awaiting Court Outcome
Parking Area
East Road
Station Road

Harlow South

Parsloe Road
Latton Green
Tysea Road
Pedestrian Subway x 2
Lower Meadow
Gladders Court

Harlow West

Altham Grove
Monswick Road
Elizabeth Way
The Downs
Town Park
Sporting Area
Canons Brook
Hobtoe Road
Spring Hills
Rams Gorse
Morley Grove

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1 Comment for Just when you thought solve rates for burglary in Harlow couldn’t get any worse…..:

C-Insp Justin Smith
2014-02-19 15:50:51

Dear YH - In the interests of accuracy I invite you to come to me as the one charged with delivering much of the policing in Harlow as I have both access at my fingertips (I see crime data every day at 8:15am) and I also have the context. You are quite correct that there are challenges with c£36m of cuts to Essex Police funding (That's £36,000,000 to emphasis the point - READ: Significant) but we are still making some good progress despite this. For instance, looking back to 31/12/13 I can see we had 28 dwelling burglaries and solved 2 but remember solving means a charge, caution or community resolution so this should not be seen as a measure of effort which includes arrests (which do not get shown in this data). This gave a 7.14% solved rate which is down as the average for the year was 11.27% but you need to remember that we often don't solve crimes in the same month (cases take much longer to get to a CPS charging standard) - Take today for instance, we have had 27 dwelling burglaries so far this month yet we have solved 25 so we on a 92.59% solved rate which has pulled our yearly average up to 16.26% - Since I arrived at Harlow I promised I would always be 100% up front and honest and transparent and would admit where we make mistakes so I am keen that what the team do is accurately portrayed as you have a really good bunch of staff here in Harlow that I have the pleasure to manage and who really are trying to make Harlow safer.

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