Candidates declared for Harlow Council elections

ballot2THE candidates for the Harlow District Council election on May 22nd have been announced.

Labour and Conservatives have, as usual, candidates in every ward (a full slate) but for the first time they are also joined by UKIP. With local elections, the same time as the european elections, many expect UKIP to have quite an influence on the vote in 2014.

The Lib Dems have seven candidates in the eleven wards. The newly formed Harlow Independents Party (HIP) have three candidates.

YH will be bringing an in-depth analysis of each ward and the issues therein between now and polling day.

Bush Fair

Dan Long (UKIP)
Ash Malik (Cons)
Bob McKenzie (Harlow Independent Party)
Daniella Pritchard (Lab)
Christopher Robins (Lib Dem)

Church Langley

Mark Gough (UKIP)
Tony Hall (Cons)
Ken Lawrie (Lab)

Great Parndon

Karen Clempner (Lab)
Joshua Jolles (HIP)
Clive Souter (Cons)
Terry Spooner (UKIP)

Harlow Common

Maggie Hulcoop (Lab)
Kuzna Jackson (Lib Dems)
Gary Roberts (Indep)
John Steer (Cons)
Sam Stopplecamp (UKIP)

Little Parndon and Hare Street

Tony Durcan (Lab)
Shona Johnson (Cons)
Harry Saunders (UKIP)

Mark Hall (Two to be selected)

Jerry Crawford (UKIP)
Emily Cross (Cons)
Janet Doyle (UKIP)
Danny Purton (Lab)
Lesley Rideout (Lib-Dem)
Jane Steer (Cons)
Sheila Sullivan (Lab)
Robert Thurston (Lib Dems)


Michael Danvers (Lab)
Patsy Long (UKIP)
Chris Millington (Lib-Dems)
Jim Pailing (Cons)

Old Harlow

Joel Charles (Cons)
Tom Newens (Lab)
Mary Wiltshire (Lib-Dem)
Steven Witt (UKIP)

Staple Tye

Zulqar Cheema (HIP)
Ian Jackson (Lib Dems)
Bill Pryor (UKIP)
Stevie Souter (Cons)
Jphn Strachan (Lab)

Sumners and Kingsmoor

Alexander Addison (UKIP)
Nicholas Churchill (Cons)
Koi-Larbi Efua (Lab)


Peter Buss (UKIP)
Michael Hardware (Cons)
Rod Truan (Lab)

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