Ward by Ward: Harlow Common: Maggie may but UKIP just might

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HARLOW Common is an interesting ward. In many ways it is the weathervane within the weathervane. It has a number of voters who voted Thatcher in 1979, Blair in 1997 but can’t abide Ed Miliband.

On a local level, it has three hard working Labour councillors (Maggie Hulcoop, Emma Toal and Mark Wilkinson). Cllr Wilkinson win with a majority of 111 in 2011 and Cllr Toal extended that to 265 in 2012. With all three being high profile and taking on a large number of issues in their ward, it is hard to see anyone dislodging Maggie Hulcoop.

As you can see from our interview, Maggie really cares about the work that she does as a councillor. From lollipop ladies in Potter Street, the quality of the bus services through to the ongoing battle of Prentice Place, Maggie does seem to have her finger on the pulse. Maggie also feels very strongly about the street-light issue.

Maggie’s critics may say she is carved from an old Labour mould to which Maggie may say that there are a number of traditional issues such as poverty, crime and unemployment that need to be dealt with in her ward.

For the first time, there is a UKIP candidate in the ward. UKIP impressed at the county elections in 2013, so it will be interesting to see if former Conservative candidate, Sam Stopplecamp gets on. He may do more damage to the Tory vote (John Steer) than the Labour one but you never know.

YH hopes to catch up with both UKIP and Tory candidates between now and May 22nd.

YH prediction: Lab hold: Maj 125

maggieHarlow Common

Maggie Hulcoop (Lab)
Kuzna Jackson (Lib Dems)
Gary Roberts (Indep)
John Steer (Cons)
Sam Stopplecamp (UKIP)

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