David Cameron in Harlow: On street lights, aspiration, desperation and UKIP

Politics / Mon 19th May 2014 pm31 04:14pm

cameroncollYOUR HARLOW sat down with the prime minister David Cameron to ask him to reflect on what Harlow meant to the prime minister in May 2014.

YH: “Prime Minister, some say that Harlow is divided by those whose lives are blighted by frustration and those who harbour a lot of aspiration. Do you still speak to both?”

PM: “You have got to. I think the government is trying to make sure everyone has every chance possible and that is what these new schools are about, what chances for apprenticeships are about and help for businesses”.

“Since we came to power, we have seen 230,000 jobs in the east of england alone. The plan is working and this plan can bridge the gap for all Harlow residents and countrywide”.

YH: “We have video evidence that we believe shows burglars clocking on at midnight when the majority of Harlow streets are dark. We know you are not the prime minister in charge of street lights but leaving residents or if you will, voters, in the dark after midnight, at the mercy of villains, cannot be part of your Conservative credo?

PM: “Look, it is a vitally important local issue but it must be determined locally. I don’t think the prime minister should intervene and tell councils where they should and should not switch them on. I can point you to parts of the country where it is working and other parts of the country where it isn’t working so well.

“But let us not forget that crime is down. We have had to make some very difficult decisions regarding police funding but despite that the police are doing a great job”.

The PM also answered general questions on solution to housing problems in Harlow and the threat of UKIP.

The Prime Minister said:

“The Help to Buy scheme helps house builders bring forward their plans. If the builders cannot build, then the buyers cannot buy.

“In terms of where the houses should be built, with new planning systems, there will be much more local decision making. We do need to get on with it.”

On the matter of UKIP in Harlow, the prime minister stressed the importance of voting Conservative on Thursday.

He said: “I want Harlow Conservatives elected in Harlow. This is a town in which council tax has gone up under Labour. UKIP won’t do a good job running your council. I in 10 who got elected last year have given up. Who will roll up their sleeves to work for the people of Harlow?

“The Conservatives have a plan for Europe. Labour say there is nothing wrong with Europe, UKIP say there is nothing right about Europe. It is up to convince voters about our plan.”

“But I will be working hard right up to polling day as I am sure Robert Halfon will and all his Harlow colleagues to do their best.”

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2014-05-20 10:29:27

How can he say UKIP won't do a good job running the Council - I'm the only one he's ever met, and I'm not a quitter! We have a good UKIP team of Community minded people - perhaps he should meet some more of us before making any more sweeping statements!

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