Ward by Ward: Bush Fair: UKIP couldn’t win this, could they?

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daniella4AS this is our first year as YourHarlow, it would be fair to say that we are just getting the political lay of the land.

And unlike at our sister paper, Your Thurrock, where we have been running “Ward-by-Ward” analysis for several years, we have yet to get the lay of the land in places such as Bush Fair.

Now Bush Fair is an interesting ward, where UKIP may well fancy their chances.

It wasn’t so long ago, that this ward had three Lib Dem councillors but oh how times have changed.

Helen Hart won the seat in 2010 by just 120 votes. The next year, the charismatic, hard working and popular Ian Beckett by an impressive 612 votes. Labour had regained a little popularity, Cllr Beckett is a very popular councillor and the Lib Dem voted had declined massively.

In 2013, there was two elections (including a by-election). Labour’s Manu Doku (formerly a Lib Dem councillor) polled 1,021 and the defending councillor, Daniella Pritchard polled 877. The nearest vote was the Conservatives with 259.

That looks like an unassailable lead and would indicate that the Labour trinity may take something to shift.

UKIP candidate Dan Long ( a former Labour candidate-you following this?) believes he can win. Sounds like a long shot when UKIP only polled 236 votes in 2012 but those were 24 long months ago. UKIP will be buoyed by the result in the Essex County Council elections in which they came close to winning.

UKIP sound quite chipper and although Harlow Labour have given a lot of focus to Sumners, Katherines, Little Parndon etc, we can’t say we have seen a great deal of campaigning in this ward.

We just wonder if this is the type of ward that needs a lot of work to maintain your vote. Otherwise it might, just might, go elsewhere.

It is good to see the Harlow Independent candidate, Bob McKenzie standing and is, according to sources, the only candidate that has delivered a personal leaflet as opposed to a generic national one. If a man with a budget of about £12.50 can do it, why can’t the others?

YH prediction: Lab hold: 55

A full list of candidates can be found here

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