Harlow MP, Robert Halfon launches hospital car parking charges campaign

Politics / Wed 11th Jun 2014 pm30 12:15pm

HARLOW MP, Robert Halfon has launched a campaign over car parking charges at hospitals.

Mr Halfon said:

“I am launching a new campaign to help hard-pressed motorists in Harlow and across the country by shining a light on the NHS Hospitals that charge staff and visitors up to £500 a week to use on-site parking facilities.

After sending hundreds of Freedom of Information requests to Health Trusts across England, I am putting together a report which reveals that 75% of hospitals still charge for parking.

Staff and visitors can pay up to £4 an hour and as much as £12 for 4 hours. Unsurprisingly, London was the worst, with the Royal Free Hospital charging £504 per week.

This is unacceptable, especially considering that a quarter of hospitals in England do not charge for parking at all, and car parking fees have been abolished in Scotland and Wales.

Hinchingbrooke Hospital for example, recently ran a consultation within its local area and decided to charge a flat rate of £2.50 for all hospital-related visits. Their logic? The patient often has no control over how long they spend in hospital, and should not be punished for their clinic running late.

I will be campaigning on this issue over the next couple of months and would like the Government to focus on cutting the waste within the NHS, in order to reduce parking costs and provide a service that is equal and fair for all.

“The launch of this campaign was covered in the Sun newspaper yesterday and I will be publishing my report soon”.

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