Harlow Council backs Food Safety Week

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FOOD Safety Week 2014 runs from 16-22 June 2014 and this year’s objective is to raise awareness of campylobacter, which is the most common cause of food poisoning in the UK.

campby is a bacterium which can be found on the skin of poultry; one of the most common ways of spreading the bacteria is through washing poultry, as the water displaces the bacteria and it can splash back onto hands, clothing and surfaces. It is thought to affect up to a quarter of a million people in the UK a year.

Food Safety Week 2014 aims to tackle the risks to health from a lack of food hygiene and provide people with valuable information so that they know how to stay safe. The Council will play its part by providing information across social media throughout the week to promote the ‘Don’t wash raw chicken’ message.

Councillor Emma Toal, Portfolio Holder for Youth & Community, said: “It’s important that we do our part to make sure that people know how to handle and cook food safely for themselves and for their families. We’re proud to be keeping people in Harlow safe and well by being part of this campaign to spread the word.”

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is spearheading a campaign to bring together the whole food chain to tackle the problem. Farmers and producers will be asked to work harder to reduce the amount of bacteria on their raw poultry. Consumers will be able see the latest data and be the judges of any progress, or lack of progress, that they make.

Harlow Council, as well as other local authorities, all the major supermarkets and key partners will be working together to make sure people know how to stay safe. Advice is available at www.food.gov.uk/chicken

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