Turning off street lights in Harlow will save money…in 2020!!

Politics / Mon 30th Jun 2014 at 12:30pm

HARLOW Labour campaigner Suzy Stride is spearheading a campaign to get the street lights switched back on in Harlow.

Essex County Council implemented the part-night lighting scheme across Harlow in March. The scheme has meant streetlights are switched off overnight between midnight and 5am in a bid to save money. Labour have criticised the Tory administration for turning off the lights without public consultation.

Figures released from Tory-run Essex County Council show that turning off the street lights will not save any money for at least six years. Essex County Council is spending a total of £8.1 million on the new lighting central management system. As a result net savings will not be made until 2020/21.

Even after 2021 the eventual sums saved will be minimal that with estimates of just £2.42 per Harlow household per year.

Suzy Stride, Labour’s General Election Candidate for Harlow, has launched a petition to get Harlow’s streetlights back on. Residents can sign the petition at www.harlowlabour.org/street_light_petition

Suzy Stride said: “Across Harlow people have real concerns about the turning off of their street lights. The residents I spoke to this week in Mark Hall told me of an increase in break-ins to their vehicles and a lack of personal security when out after dark.

With confirmation that this scheme is costing more than it saves in the first five years, it’s time Essex County Council listened to local people and reviewed their decision. Our petition calls on the County Council to put people first and look again at their decision. I look forward to presenting it at county hall in due course”

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2014-07-01 15:55:38

Instead of turning this into yet another Political Bandwagon for candidates to jump on, why don't the three group leaders on the Council get together and write a joint letter to the Leader of Essex County Council demanding a rethink on this stupid dangerous policy?

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