Labour’s Suzy calls on MP Halfon to help scrap controversial health bill

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LABOUR’S parliamentary candidate for Harlow, Suzy Stride, is calling on Harlow’s Tory MP to support a bill to scrap the Health and Social Care Act, saving the NHS and local health services.

Suzy Stride met with local councillors and staff from PAH to celebrate the NHS’s 66th birthday this week with a campaign session organised by the Labour Party to highlight cuts to local health services such as the potential loss of two GP Surgeries in Essex.

As the NHS celebrates its 66th birthday this week Labour MP Clive Efford has put forward a private member’s bill to parliament spelling out how Labour would repeal the Health and Social Care Act and rewrite the rules that force market tendering of NHS services.

It was July 5th 1948 that the NHS in Britain officially began delivering health services to the British public. Landmark developments since include the introduction of prescription charges in 1952, the first heart transplant in 1968, the introduction of MRI scans in 1980 and the first successful gene therapy for 18-month-old Rhys Evans in 2002.

Suzy Stride said: “”The NHS is Labour’s proudest achievement. For 66 years the our healthcare system has providing excellent care, free at the point of need and delivered by a workforce that shows amazing dedication and resilience in increasingly challenging times.

“The NHS was set up by the post-war Labour government to put patients before profits. But Robert Halfon has betrayed people who voted for him in 2010 by working to privatise our NHS. Harlow Tory MP’s support for the Health and Social Care Act has bogged the NHS down in competition law. He has helped create a free for all for lawyers and private healthcare companies at the expense of patients.

“Halfon will go down as the MP for Harlow who put the NHS up for sale without first seeking the permission of his constituents.

suzynhs“But Mr Halfon can make amends by backing the bill to repeal the Health and Social Care Act and restore the right values at the heart of the NHS: collaboration over competition, people before profits.”

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