Great Parndon councillor inundated with complaints as travellers return to Katherines

Politics / Thu 17th Jul 2014 at 08:16am

A GREAT PARNDON councillor woke up this morning (Thursday) to several complaints from residents after they discovered that travellers had returned to their area.

Cllr David Carter (Cons) has immediately written to the chief executive of Harlow Council, Malcolm Morley, to raise his concerns over the matter.

Cllr Carter said: “Ten Vans along with cars and other vehicles have come back on Katherine’s Way.

By 7.40 am, I have had nine phone calls from angry residents blaming the council the police and anyone else they could think of for this.

“A few weeks ago, along this area, residents found human excrement, piles of rubbish, sawn up tree parts and rubble from what looks like old driveways, part of the rubbish is still where it was and needs removing, however looks like we are getting a second go.

“Residents are angry at what seems like these people being allowed to do what they like where the residents are not.

“I have had comments this morning like “we would like to wipe them from the face of the earth”.

“These people are animals and should be put down” etc; “We do not want two more weeks of this”.

Can we act please?

Also if they follow the pattern of last time they will move to the slowly recovering piece of land next to the roundabout at Southern way / Katherine’s way

“As the local councillor I will not feel the residents anger and there seems nothing I can say of a positive nature to reassure the locals that we are dealing with this issue.

“It’s about time real action was taken to stop these camps forever

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1 Comment for Great Parndon councillor inundated with complaints as travellers return to Katherines:

2014-07-19 10:50:39

Why do we have to watch as these 'travellers' keep moving from place to place and destroy the local area. We hear time and again that it is the responsibility of Harlow Council, Essex Council and the Police to work together to move these people on. It seems each of those agencies use this as an excuse to pass the buck. Harlow Council and Essex Council don't seem interested in protecting our environment and the Police seem scared to confront these people. It's obvious that issuing section 61 notices does not work. The travellers just move to the next site to destroy. These notices should have a time period attached that stops movement back to the same site for 6 months. We are facing cuts in public spending on Harlow amenities, whilst at the same time our Council Tax pays to clean up after these people, I know where I'd prefer my money to be spent. I live in Great Parndon and have dealt with Cllr David Carter in the past, he is a good man and has the residents interests at heart. I see that Harlow MP Robert Halfon is also taking up this fight and has written a strong letter on his Blog, I urge you to read it and take his advise. To the ‘travellers’ blighting our spaces I say “Harlow has had enough of you, keep traveling and find a place away from us.

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