Litter louts of Harlow to be “educated not fined”

Politics / Wed 23rd Jul 2014 at 09:06am

IN SOME ways it is nice to see groups of young people sitting out in the grassy area opposite the Harlow Leisure Zone.

However, every morning that amount of litter seems to have got worse and worse.

So, we asked Harlow Council what action, if any they had taken.

Portfolio Holder for Environment, cllr Mark Wilkinson said: “The issue of litter on Netteswell Plantation is a seasonal one; there has been an increase in the level of litter in the area over the past couple of weeks as the spell of good weather has led to an increase in its use by people enjoying the sunshine.

“The majority of people using the area are young people, many of them under 18. As such this makes the issuing of Fixed Penalty Notices difficult. What we are trying to do is educate and encourage people to take their litter away with them. Last year, our Community Safety Enforcement Officers went there on a daily basis and offered people bags which they could use to take their litter away; something we intend to do again this year, in addition to setting up information boards which will request that people take their litter with them. An extra bin was also installed by the bench to encourage people to throw rubbish away.

“Given the fact that this area is largely used by young people in the summer months we are working to educate them on the issue of litter; we want people to continue using and enjoying Harlow’s green open spaces, whilst encouraging them to be responsible with their rubbish.”

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