Harlow Labour vote against flag of St George flying outside council offices

Politics / Sat 26th Jul 2014 at 11:12am

flagharlowHARLOW Labour voted down a motion out forward by the Conservatives to have the flag of St George fly outside the civi offices in Harlow.

If the motion had succeeded, the flag would have replaced the EU flag that presently sits there alongside the union flag and a Harlow Council flag.

On what was a very busy night in the chamber, some felt this was a waste of time but many others felt it was an important debating point.

Labour argued on several occasions that immigration did not feature much on the doorstep. Others including the five new Ukip councillors begged to differ.

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2014-07-29 15:35:49

Labour's Cllr. Clark and Cllr. Danvers say flag waving is dangerous! Well tell that to the 71 Nations at the Commonwealth Games - all of whom were proudly waving their flags at the Opening Ceremony the night before this Full Council meeting. I suggest not flying and not being proud of our National Flags is why extreme elements take them over! Nothing makes me happier than the demise of the BNP and EDL - which is why we must reclaim our flags, and never let them be hijacked by such elements ever again!

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