Tory anger after Labour defeat St George’s flag debate

Politics / Mon 28th Jul 2014 at 11:14am

THREE DAYS after their attempt to pass a motion which would have seen the EU flag replaced by the Cross of St George, the Harlow Conservatives are still very angry.

The film of the debate can be found here

A Conservative move to take down the EU flag and replace it with the Cross of St George was defeated by Labour at last week’s Full Council meeting.

Labour Councillors claimed that residents had not raised concerns about the European Union on the doorstep during the European election campaign in May.

However, Conservatives argued that the last two election results in Harlow showed that residents opposed further political union with Europe. One way Harlow Council could show it was listening to voters’ views would have been to raise our national flag.

Councillor Joel Charles, Deputy Leader of Harlow Conservatives, said:

“Only a Conservative Government promises to renegotiate Britain’s relationship in Europe and offer Harlow the final say with an in-out referendum.

“Labour Councillors proved they are not interested in what residents have to say on the European Union. By taking down the European Union flag and replacing it with the Cross of St George we would have sent a message to residents that the Council is listening to them. It is also important to recapture the Cross of St George from groups who use our national flag for the wrong reasons. We should not be afraid of celebrating our national identity within the United Kingdom.

“There is no longer any legal reason why we have to fly the EU flag, so why do we do it?

“Harlow Conservatives are not anti-European, we perceive our relationship with other European countries to be just as important as it is with all our other global neighbours. Harlow voters oppose a federal Europe that focuses on gaining political power rather than trade, growth and job creation.”

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2014-07-29 15:29:41

Anyone would think UKIP success had stirred up Labour and the Conservatives.....!

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