Harlow Tories slam Labour’s lack of vision for Harlow

Politics / Wed 30th Jul 2014 at 07:37am

AT Full Council last week, Harlow Conservatives accused Labour of not doing enough to improve vital council services.
Labour were challenged on the failure of Harlow Council to meet key performance targets on the street scene, customer complaints and falling value for money.

The Leader of the Council also refused to restart the online budget consultation allowing residents to submit multiple responses, which Conservatives allege places the consultation in jeopardy because it is open to blatant manipulation.
Councillor Joel Charles, Deputy Leader of Harlow Conservatives, said:

“Labour failed to answer basic questions on why Harlow Council is preforming so badly since they came to power. Performance indicators on the street scene, volumes of residents’ complaints and satisfaction levels across all council services are all heading in the wrong direction.

“It is a real sign of failure by Labour that one person in four calling Contact Harlow hangs up before they get through – and they have no plan to improve it.

“Labour are also failing to show strong community leadership to drive forward plans for regenerating The Briars and Prentice Place, creating doubt and uncertainty for the many residents affected.

“I also called for a deadline to deliver the Local Development Strategy following the recent consultation. The Development Strategy is a fundamental driver for where housing should go and what infrastructure should be put in place. We are under pressure to build more homes and improve our roads – for the sake of the town Labour cannot afford to drag their feet on this urgent matter.

“The budget consultation has no integrity whatsoever. Labour should abandon the online consultation which is open to manipulation. If Labour were genuine about listening to residents’ views they would scrap the current survey and start again.

“It was also revealed that the discretionary fund (the Big Society Fund we created as a short term measure) which funds Pets’ Corner and the Playhouse will only be able to fund them until March 2016. Labour are creating uncertainty for staff and residents and should urgently resume talks with private and voluntary sector groups to identify a long-term solutions.

“Only a Conservative Administration would freeze Council Tax, save money by sharing services with other authorities and set out a long-term plan to keep our community services open.”


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1 Comment for Harlow Tories slam Labour’s lack of vision for Harlow:

2014-07-30 10:01:12

As usual, the councillors are acting like petulant children and blame each other for anything and everything. Why don´t the lot of you ´kin well GROW UP and start working together to make Harlow a better place? School kids would do a better job than you lot.

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