The great Aldi in Harlow “no right turn” controversy…

Politics / Sat 2nd Aug 2014 at 08:12am

YH was up early in the morning for the grand opening of Aldi in The Stow area of Harlow. Later on, we noticed people on social media, questioning the wisdom of the no right turn signs.

To explain, there is no right turn into the car park. So, if you come over the Our Lady of Fatima roundabout, you may have to drive up to the Mark Hall roundabout and then all the way back down First Avenue.

Are people really going to do that? Doubtful.

YH went down to Aldi at 8.30 am on Saturday morning with the intention of getting a panning shot of the No Right Turn signs. The car park was already close to full. Lo and behold a car makes an illegal no right turn into the car park.

Our sister paper, YourThurrock.Com has, over the last six years, been quite conscientious at attending planning meetings. Perhaps, YourHarlow.Com needs to get down to the same meetings at Harlow Council….


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2014-08-03 09:14:50

Good spot. I have been past there a few times and observed people turning right into Aldi and turning right out of Aldi. The large sweep of the entrance, to prevent people turning right into the car park also allows cars to enter the car park too fast. Drivers hesitate at the top of the slope deciding where to park or waiting for other vehicles to manouver. And then there are taxis hovering by the store entrance picking up fares and bags of shopping. Possibly matters will calm down once the novelty wears off - but I suspect the right turns will continue when the traffic is quieter. There is also some congestion at the entrance to the Stow by the pedestrian crossing as drivers perform u-turns to came back and enter the car park in the correct direction.

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