Tories hold onto Broadley Common (but UKIP go close!)

Politics / Fri 8th Aug 2014 at 11:47am

THE CONSERVATIVES have held onto the ward of Broadley Common, Epping Upland and Nazeing. Although the seat is in Epping Forest District, YH takes an interest on the politics across the border.

Robert Glozier (Conservative) wins the by-election for the Broadley Common, Epping Upland and Nazeing ward held on 7 August 2014.

Robert Glozier – Conservative – 155
Ron McEvoy – UK Independence Party (UKIP) – 122
William Hartington – Green Party – 23
Arnold Verrall – Liberal Democrat – 7

Voting Summary
Seats – 1
Total votes – 307
Electorate – 1703
Number of ballot papers issued – 308
Number of ballot papers rejected – 1
Turnout – 18%

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1 Comment for Tories hold onto Broadley Common (but UKIP go close!):

2014-08-11 15:24:12

Actually YH - you're taking an interest because this is part of the Parliamentary Seat! It makes bad reading for all the other parties. It shows that the Conservatives can no longer rely on the village vote - the Tory MP must be worried. Furthermore, it shows Labour have totally given up on the village vote and couldn't even put up a candidate - so how could Suzy Stride pretend to represent these people IF she won next May - answer - she can't! It also shows that neither the Green nor the Lib.Dem's are taken seriously in the villages! It's UKIP who are the real winners here - 33 votes is hardly a good majority - if 16 Tory voters had chosen to vote UKIP instead Mr. McEvoy would now be Cllr. McEvoy!

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