Game, set and match for Harlow UKIP over improvements to Harlow play areas

Politics / Tue 2nd Sep 2014 at 04:10am

Harlow UKIP key to improved play areas in HarlowA HARLOW UKIP councillor has said he has fulfilled one of his election pledges by bringing to reality improvements to Harlow play areas.

Bush Fair councillor, Dan Long invited YH along to the tennis courts next to the Tye Green bowling club to show what had been improved.

A year ago, it was in a semi-derelict state. YH asked Labour councillor, Emma Toal about the parlous state of the play areas but she explained that there was ‘Simply no money.”

However, after the voters ditched a Labour ward councillor in the area, UKIP’s Dan Long has appeared to have been instrumental in a remarkable transformation of the area.

YH asked cllr Long about his role in a remarkable transformation.

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5 Comments for Game, set and match for Harlow UKIP over improvements to Harlow play areas:

2014-09-02 04:34:39

Well done Cllr Long it would seem Harlow can have a better future so long as people continue to make the right choice at the polls.

2014-09-02 09:11:43

Interesting that Cllr Long is claiming credit for something that was planned some time before he was a Councillor. The following was reported to Cabinet in March 2014, and was planned considerably before that. 24. Work including fencing and surfacing of six tennis courts will commence in mid-February with completion in the first quarter of 2014/15.

2014-09-02 14:24:34

So if this was all planned Jon - why were officers working with Cllr. Long to make it happen? Surely they would have said "this is work we have planned, will that help achieve what you want achieved Cllr. Long?" Since that didn't happen, you can cut and paste bits of agendas all you like, it's action that matters. This was suggested by Cllr. Long and then it was done. The questions I have therefore, are these - why if this was the case did a portfolio holder and cabinet member say "there was no money"? Secondly, if the Labour Cabinet are so on the ball and have good news to announce - why didn't they announce it in March? Was Cllr. Toal at that cabinet meeting? Has she actually got a grip on her portfolio? Or is she just an example of the Labour window dressing Caroline Flint MP was so critical of?

2014-09-04 14:44:25

I would like to know, how comes, since being in Council, which is three and half month, things are getting done here in Bush fair and harlow over all, why has it taken the Harlow Labour party this long to get out and start listening to the needs and concerns of Harlow residents.?

2014-09-04 20:21:56

Well done Dan. You saw an issue that needed to be pushed, and you got it done. Jon why was Dan told there was no money? Labour have been in office for years both as majority and opposition, you all should have the experience and knowledge to know what is going on. I am proud to have people like Dan working hard for the town I live in.

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