Harlow’s Suzy Stride praises Ed Milibands “Six goals for Britain’s future”

Politics / Wed 24th Sep 2014 at 09:02am

ED Miliband has today (Tuesday) set out six ambitious national goals for the next decade; goals to raise the British people’s sights for what can be achieved if we are prepared to make our country work for them once again.

His speech set out a national mission to change the fundamentals of our economy, save our NHS and turn decisively away from a Tory government run only for the privileged few. It is by delivering on these goals that the next Labour Government will build a Britain that works for everyday working families, rewarding the hard work they do and saving the NHS they rely on.

Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Harlow Suzy Stride said;

“Ed delivered a speech full of aspiration for a better Britain, a fairer Britain and one where the many work together to achieve common goals; more apprenticeships, tackling poverty pay, building the homes we need, creating more high skilled jobs and saving and investing in our NHS. In Harlow these policies will begin the change we need in our community. I’m ready for the general election, Labour is ready, and its time for real change in Harlow”

Labour’s Plan for 2025: Six Goals for Britain’s Future

1. Giving all young people a shot in life: Ensure as many school-leavers go on to apprenticeships as go to university.

2. Tackling the cost-of-living crisis: Help working families share fairly in the wealth of our country so, when the economy grows, the wages of everyday working people grow at the same rate.

3. Restoring the dream of home ownership: Meet demand for new homes for the first time in half a century – doubling the number of first-time buyers getting on to the housing ladder each year.

4. Tackling low wages: Halve the number of people on low pay in our country, changing the lives of over two million people.

5. Securing the future: Create one million more high-tech jobs by securing the UK’s position as a world leader in green industries.

6. Saving our NHS: Build a world-class, 21st century health and care service.

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1 Comment for Harlow’s Suzy Stride praises Ed Milibands “Six goals for Britain’s future”:

2014-09-30 14:31:31

1. So the stupid 50% must go to Uni target is still there then! 2. Labour created the cost of living crisis with their tax and spend, open door immigration forcing down wages, forcing people onto benefits and light bank regulation - and I haven't even mentioned Ed's approval of the the green taxes put on our energy bills - they cannot be trusted on this. 3. They damaged right to buy by putting down the help, and the cost of living situation makes this harder - where are they going to build? To quote Prescott "the green fields are a Labour achievement and we're going to build on it!" 4. Is this the raise the minimum wage to £8 - taking people into a higher tax band so they end up worse off?! Genius - NOT. Try our UKIP policy of no tax AT ALL on the first £13,500 of earnings! 5. What sort of green industries? Wind turbines - more subsidies for rich landowners! They won't be here thanks to Labour raising the top rate of tax to 50% again! 6. Is this the same Labour Party that crippled the NHS with private PFI agreements, private company cleaners leading to higher rates of infection, targets meaning trolleys had their wheels taken off so they were categorized as beds, and let's not forget Mid Staffs! Labour are not the party of the NHS, and their last Government did more to privatize it than Maggie ever did! Add to that a Leader with an approval rating of -46%, who cannot even mention the two major issues in our Country - the deficit and immigration - it's not difficult to see why many Labour figures are so worried of the UKIP threat!

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