Harlow Labour’s Suzy urges Robert Halfon to “Save the NHS”

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ON the day of a vote in the House of Commons on reversing the government’s programme of Privatisation of the National Health Service, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Harlow, Suzy Stride PPC has called on Robert Halfon to back the so-called “Save the NHS” Bill due to be voted on in the House of Commons on Friday.

Parliament will vot on the National Health Service (Amended Duties and Powers) Bill, sponsored by Labour MP Clive Efford. The bill would stop the compulsory tendering of all NHS contracts, which came into force last year. It would stop the ability of hospitals to earn 49% of their income from private patients, which some argue comes at the cost of NHS patients, with waiting lists increasing as hospitals increasingly focus on prioritising paying customers.

Mr Efford’s Bill would also prevent the NHS being affected by an EU/US trade agreement that could see American private health companies running UK hospitals.

Finally, it would mean that the Secretary of State for Health is given back ultimate responsibility for the NHS, a power which was dramatically weakened by under the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

Robert Halfon and Suzy Stride have been inundated with emails and letters from residents on the subject of the bill.

In an email to Robert Halfon on Thursday evening, Suzy Stride offers to bury the political hatchet and publically congratulate Robert Halfon if he defies the government whips and backs the bill on Friday. In a blog post on her website Suzy says if she was the Member of Parliament for Harlow she would vote to support the Bill on Friday.

Extract from Suzy Stride’s letter to Robert Halfon;

“It is my belief that a majority of residents in Harlow have growing concerns over the local NHS, standards of care and the increasing influence of private companies within it. “

“As you will be aware almost all of the clinical work that the NHS provides has been opened up to the for-profit sector and for profit companies have begun to take over the care of many NHS patients. The private sector is clearly and rapidly expanding its role, helped along by the 2012 Act. A market focused health service is not delivering for patients with the NHS having to compete for patients and funding. We must reverse this trend and put patients first. “

“As the pressure on our NHS grows, politicians of all hues and none must unite in order to meet those challenges. I urge you to back the bill, if you do I will be the first person to congratulate you on standing up for your residents and putting Harlow first and will do so publicly.”

Extract from Suzy Stride’s personal blog;

“If I were the MP for Harlow, then I would vote to halt the privatisation of our NHS tomorrow. And I am calling on Harlow’s Tory MP, Robert Halfon to do the same thing. To vote with his constituents not his Conservative colleagues or his boss George Osborne. One thing all residents want is an MP who will protect and Save our NHS.

“This is more than a red team vs blue team, parliamentary shoot out, its more than a pre-occupation for Newsnight editors and parliamentary sketch writers, the NHS affects all of us in our everyday lives. Healthcare is about people, not profit.”

“I hope all MPs including Robert Halfon do the right thing.”

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2014-11-21 11:19:50

Absolutely agree with Suzy on this. “If I were the MP for Harlow, then I would vote to halt the privatisation of our NHS tomorrow". How about it Robert? Murray Sackwild PPC Green Party

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