Update on illegal encampments in Harlow

News / Tue 2nd Dec 2014 at 09:18am

Coldharbour Road (land owned by Essex County Council):

The caravans that were in the Greyhound car park left on Friday night and have moved to land at Coldharbour Road. There are 14 caravans in this encampment.

Showground Town Park (land owned by Harlow Council):

There are eight caravans on this land. The group was served with a Direction to Leave giving them until 10am on Monday 24 November 2014. Harlow Council is currently awaiting a court hearing date. Last week the Council asked the Police to consider using their Section 61 powers as this is a public car park. The police did not use their powers as the car park is not in constant use by members of the public. The Council and the Police continue to monitor the situation.

Passmores House car park (land owned by Harlow Council):

There are five caravans on this land, which were previously situated at land on Tendring Road. Harlow Council has already obtained a final order for possession of the land so therefore has instructed a bailiff.

Astra House car park – Edinburgh Way (privately owned land):

Some of the caravans that were previously situated at private land at The Maypole have moved to Astra House car park in Edinburgh Way, with the rest of the Maypole encampment apparently leaving the area.

Queensgate Centre – car park next to former Burger King building (privately owned land):

This encampment of four caravans is no longer on this land. The caravans are believed to have joined other encampments.

Further updates will be issued.

You can find more information, including a video message to the community from the Leader of the Council, Councillor Jon Clempner, on unauthorised encampments as well as frequently asked questions at:www.harlow.gov.uk/illegal-encampments

If you witness any criminal offences please report it to Essex Police on 101 or, if the offence is still taking place, 999.

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