Under cover of darkness, van after van is being broken into in Harlow

News / Thu 4th Dec 2014 at 01:09pm

LAST weekend, two vans were broken into in the same street in Harlow.

One van in Ryecroft had, we understand, over £5,000 worth of tools stolen. Another van had a large number of Christmas selection boxes that, we are informed were going to hospices.

A few weeks ago, another van in Tilbury Mead was broken into, again, we believe, under cover of darkness and again, thousands of pounds worth of equipment stolen.

One of our sources has told YH that, conversations on social media have revealed several break ins to vans.

We are sure that if we submitted a Freedom of Information (FoI) to the police, we may well find a lot more.

Times are hard enough as it is but are they been made even tougher as thieves, use the cover of darkness, esp when the lights go out to commit crimes and threaten livelihoods.

Harlow Labour has told us that he continue to press to have the street lights switched back on.

We will continue to report.

YH asked Harlow Police to reassure the residents regarding these thefts. We have not received a reply.

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