Harlow councillors set to call for UKIP Kerry Smith to stand down

Politics / Mon 15th Dec 2014 at 11:26am

Kerry Smith UKIPHARLOW councillors are set to call for UKIP’s Kerry Smith to stand down from his elected posts.

Cllr Smith is an Essex County Councillor and a Basildon District Councillor.

On Sunday night he stood down from his position as prospective parliamentary candidate for South Basildon and East Thurrock after making racist and homophobic remarks.

Harlow’s elected representatives on Essex County Council have called for him to also step down as a councillor.

Cllr Tony Durcan said: “Yes, I believe he should and must stand down as a councillor in the light of what has been revealed.”

The leader of Harlow Council, cllr Jon Clempner has also told YH that the Labour group has written to the CEO of Essex County Council, asking what action is to be taken.

More to follow.

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3 Comments for Harlow councillors set to call for UKIP Kerry Smith to stand down:

2014-12-15 14:22:25

Whose playing the man now Cllr. Durcan? Frankly people do make mistakes and say silly things, and that's people from all parties. Kerry has done the right thing, and apologized - Labour should not be playing politics with it!

tony durcan
2014-12-15 15:11:00

As mark well knows local councillors must act within the Nolan principles and clearly and for what ever reason Mr Smith didn't. Whilst I don't know him as he made a choice not to speak to labour member I do feel he has been let down by a so called UKIP friend by recording his call. UKIP at county have been chasing former Tory leader Lord H under the same Nolan principle so he can't escape the simple truth. He has admitted guilt so he should do the right thing and stand down without delay or fuss.

2014-12-16 17:43:07

I think you'll find Tony that there is a massive difference between a criminal claiming £50k of taxpayers money on a fraud, and someone's private telephone conversation being tapped! Are you not after Lord H then? Cos I would be! I'd play the the Nolan thing a little carefully too - I think you know what I mean!

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