Harlow MP Halfon slams car park at Harlow railway station

Politics / Thu 22nd Jan 2015 at 06:59pm

ROBERT Halfon has slammed the NCP car park at Harlow Town Station for fleecing motorists by failing to ensure that restricted parking sections are clearly visible.

Robert has been contacted by a number of Harlow residents who have been hit with these unfair fines as they said they were unaware that the spaces they were parking in were restricted. These residents had valid pay and display tickets, and although they have contacted NCP to appeal, are yet to hear anything.

Robert had previously written to NCP about this issue, who disputed that the signs were difficult to see, although admitted that “during the winter months, the markings on ground might be difficult for customers to see”. They went on to say that they would ensure the painting on the ground would be refreshed, and look into other measures that could be taken.

Sadly, this does not appear to have happened and Robert has now written to the company demanding that urgent action is taken.

In the letter, Robert says: “I have now been contacted by yet another resident who has been issued with a PCN for parking on the third floor, and I think it is outrageous that hardworking residents are being fleeced by NCP with inadequate signage, despite being promised that it would be improved.

Clearly whatever you proposed has either not yet been implemented, or is still not fit for purpose. I believe that those residents issued with PCNs for parking in this area should have their fines refunded without delay and I look forward to your early response.”

Commenting on the issue, Robert said that “it is unacceptable for a car park to fine honest people who have parked in the wrong place as they say they were unaware because of inadequate signage. It is essential that NCP do everything they can to rectify the situation, and should also drop the fines that they have levied against some honest Harlow residents”.

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