Harlow Council defend their plea to council tenants over parking

Politics / Fri 23rd Jan 2015 at 12:20pm

HARLOW Council has defended a “plea” it has made to council tenants over tenants parking illegally.

The “advice” on parking was included in the latest rent statement which is sent out to around 10,000 Council tenants every three months.

The front of the statement includes important messages from the Council on housing issues and the reverse provides information on the individual tenant’s rent account.

The latest statement includes a plea for residents not to park on the grass verges.

Councillor Rod Truan, Portfolio Holder for Housing, said: “We know that the lack of residential parking is a major issue across the town with households often owning more than one car.

“We know that people sometimes park on pavements, paved areas and grass areas within housing estates because of the lack of parking. Unfortunately we do receive complaints about the damage this causes but more importantly the inconvenience it creates to people being blocked in and residents with buggies or in wheelchairs not being able to access paths. There also continues be problems within residential areas where vehicles park on pavements, block access to waste collection vehicles, public transport and emergency vehicles.

“We will not take a heavy-handed approach to this issue; we are simply asking residents to park considerately due to the complaints we receive.

“This is not directed at any one individual – it is a general message which we also plan to include in the Council’s residents magazine Harlow Times”.

“We do listen to residents’ requests for additional parking within estates and there is a housing budget available to help improve parking provision where we can. This year, following requests from residents, we have built new parking bays in three estates where the lack of parking was an issue. We are encouraging residents to consider renting garages and hard standings where these are available. We will also continue to work with residents to look at parking solutions and we welcome residents’ comments and views on this issue.”

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