Nishall’s Blog: Who is the ideal leader?

Politics / Sun 25th Jan 2015 at 05:07pm

By Nishall Garala

OVER the few weeks many headline stories in the news have been about different types of leaders and their actions. so I thought this week in my blog I would post what I see as a perfect leader. I know that there would never be a prefect leader, as everyone has faults, which is understandable as we are human. But many people have prove to be good leaders by using a variety of skills and qualities to make themselves relate to the people.

The leader requires someone who has the ability to make decisions that affect the lives of people they are leading. The ideal candidate for leader would meet certain occupational, community recognition, and personal requirements. When considering a leader, things such as his occupation and political involvement are very important. The ideal leader would be one that has an occupation in a government job such as a God-like person.

This type of political involvement is necessary for a leader to have to understand our system of government and how it works. All of the schooling required to be in these occupational fields is also required to be the leader even if it is not a high education. Community recognition is also an important aspect for a leader to have. The ideal leader would be one who is actively involved in organisations that help to better their community in the areas of education, health, and the environment. By being involved in these types or organisations, it shows they cares about their community and will care for society as a whole. It also shows he will help to better the country.

Personal requirements also need to be met to be the leader. We need someone of middle age that can handle all the work it takes to be leader. No particular race is ideal as long as the person is not racist. The leader’s appearance should be neat and clean because no one wants a leader who does not look organised. These personal requirements are just as important as the candidate’s credentials because it is the person who is going to be influencing a lot of people. The ideal candidate for leader is something that should be carefully considered. The person who becomes the leader also becomes one of the most powerful person and that power should be put into the right hands. The right hands are those of the person meeting the above requirements.

This is who I think should be an ideal leader, what do you think?

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