Ukip open new office in Harlow

Politics / Fri 6th Feb 2015 at 04:13pm

HARLOW Ukip has only been a political force for under two years but in that time they have made quite an impression in Harlow politics.

They not only have five councillors in Harlow but the also have three prospective parliamentary candidates with Sam Stopplecamp in Harlow, Mark Gough in Chelmsford and Alan White in Luton North.

On Thursday, Ukip MEP Patrick O’Flynn officially opened their new office in Staple Tye.

Chair of Harlow Ukip made a short speech and welcomed Mr O’Flynn.

Ukip new office

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2 Comments for Ukip open new office in Harlow:

2015-02-09 19:08:00

Actually, they only have four councillors because one of them has given up already forcing a by election. Well, three and a half as another one has moved to the south coast. Bit of a waste of a vote and a waste of £2K on a by election. If you can't rely on UKIP locally, how can you trust them nationally? Office? It's a storage shed - there are no signs outside saying it is their office.

2015-02-13 04:43:04

Cllr Simon Carter is bang on the money. UKIP candidate Mark Gough got an electoral pasting in Mark Hall - not so smug now! His smug interview inspired lots of Labour and Left activists to roll their sleeves up in Mark Hall and tell the people what UKIP really stand for: migrant baiting, xenophobia and racism. Harlow TUC is looking forward to similar activity from Chelmsford TUC to make Mark Gough a three times loser in May.

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