Number of NEETS in Harlow continue to rise

Politics / Wed 18th Feb 2015 at 05:34pm

THE NUMBER of NEETS (not in education, employment or training) continues to rise in Harlow.

On Tuesday, Essex County Council published a press release, proudly boasting that the number of NEETS is at an all-time low in Essex.

However, the news does not appear to be good in Harlow which, has seen the biggest growth in the whole of the county.

In December, there were 143. That has risen to 150 in January.

Labour parliamentary candidate for Harlow, Suzy Stride has reacted angrily to the news.

She said: “Having worked in education and youth work for a decade, when the Tories scrapped the future jobs fund (FJF) in 2010 (against the advice of their own advisors), this showed their lack of commitment to young people.

“I have worked with NEETs for over 10 years, and when Tories cut funding for alternative education, for youth services and most importantly FJF, people in Harlow want to see opportunities of training and work for their young people.

“Labour would tax bankers bonus’ and use this money to provide a guaranteed job for every young adult out of work in Harlow. This would transform their lives, raise aspirations, save taxpayers money – as it would be paid for by bankers (and it would help Harlow be the Town in can be. )

“The compusory jobs guarantee would offer a paid job to young people, which they will take up instead of benefits, this would free young people from being stuck on benefits and instead provide them a paid job matching their skills.

“The devil is in the details with these statistics and I think it sticks in the craw when politicians of any party go on a victory lap when there are still significant numbers of young people not able to fil their potential. “

“Despite all the spin and bluster from local Tories in-work training schemes have simply been rebranded as apprenticeships so that ministers can boast of increased numbers, when the true picture is that they are falling, down 17% on the previous year in Harlow.

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