Rainbow flag raised for LGBT History Month in Epping

Communities / Thu 19th Feb 2015 at 12:34pm

Epping LGBTEPPING Forest District Council is once again flying the rainbow flag outside the civic offices for a day in February in support of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender (LGBT) history month.

LGBT History Month takes place every year in February to celebrate the lives and achievements of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and aims to promote awareness and understanding. The rainbow flag is a symbol of LGBT pride and social movements. Raising the flag underlines the council’s commitment to equality for all and is a simple gesture, yet a powerful way to show our support to the LGBT community in the district.

Councillor John Philip, portfolio holder for equality said: “The values of equality and diversity are cornerstones of a free and open society. Within the council chamber of Epping Forest District Council, you will find councillors of many different political colours and persuasions. But in one thing we all stand united – in our belief in tolerance, freedom of belief, and freedom of expression. We believe in the rights of all people to live their lives within the law without fear of prejudice or discrimination. That all people are created equal and should be treated as equals regardless of race, cultural, nationality or sexual orientation.”

“In a world where the dark shadow of intolerance dominates the nightly news, we therefore take pride in flying the Rainbow Flag from the council offices and the message it sends of peace, fairness and equality for all. LGBT History month takes place every year in February and aims to promote awareness and understanding. Last year we raised the flag for the first time and received positive feedback from members of the public and our employees. Whilst we only fly the flag for a day, our work to raise awareness of discrimination and to promote tolerance, goes on the year round.”

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