Suzy strives for students to aim higher

News / Tue 3rd Mar 2015 at 03:41pm

LABOUR’S parliamentary candidate for Harlow, Suzy Stride, visited Passmores Academy this morning to talk to young people there about their career plans.

As part of her series of school visits under the title “Aim High” Suzy seeks to find out the views that students have on career prospects and seeks to identify common areas which prevent Harlow’s young people from achieving their potential.

The focus of Monday’s visit was on University Places, with Suzy listening to students views on what might prevent them from going on to higher education.

Many students told Suzy of their reluctance to go to University because they did not want to end up in debt at the end of their studies.

Last week Labour announced a new policy to slash tuition fees from £9000 to £6000. Under the current system, students presently studying at university will graduate with an average debt of £44,000.

By cutting tuition fees and increasing student grants, students will see a decrease in debt of nearly £9000.

This plan will be funded by restricting Pension Tax Relief by £2.9 billion for those on the highest incomes, the richest pensioners in the country.

Suzy Stride said

“I think it is always really interesting to hear from young people about what barriers they see to them achieving their potential. Its striking that many students did talk about the potential for debt and how that would influence their decision on whether to go to University.

For me this shows why bringing down tuition fees is so important, so that we remove thatg barrier and give young people the encouragement to go and follow the path their talents take them down. That’s good for them, it is also good for Harlow and ultimately its good for our country as a whole.”

Aimee Tyrrell age 15 said

“I was really excited about Suzy coming in today and about tuition fees coming down – I want to be a clinical phycologist in the future and now the tuition fees wont put me off going to Uni”

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2015-03-04 17:51:53

Who introduced tuition fees? Why it was our former Labour MP Bill Rammell was it not? I've got a much better option for you Aimee - UKIP will scrap tuition fees altogether for Medicine, Dentistry, and Scientific subjects! Have a look at www.ukip.org for details - and tell your family, friends and fellow students!

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