Letter to the Editor: “Is Harlow Council listening to complaints?”

Politics / Thu 5th Mar 2015 at 05:23pm

Dear Sir,

IT seems to me that this council really does have an issue with dealing with complaints. Some will may remember that the Conservative party made an issue of this only a short time ago in the fact that issues were not being dealt with.

Well over a month ago a complaint was made to the council in relation to the new parking along Hodings Road and the fact that the change has actually made thing worse this included speeding and also worse parking than there was before.

After a few emails with council officers not keeping to the constitution of the council, I got a reply from an officer in Contact Harlow telling me this wasn’t a complaint.

It’s my understand that at the point of contact, it’s not for an officer who doesn’t know the area nor the complaint in detail to dictate to the general public if it is or isn’t.

If a resident feels the need to complain the council has to follow the same procedure as any other complaint and only at the end of the time can an answer be given, this then gives the resident the change to take this further.

For people that are not aware complaints have to be answered within 15 working days or otherwise stated. They need to answer you within 5 working days stating the officers name who’s dealing with the issue and the time scale before an answer.

The name of the officer has never been given to me and also the date they eventually gave me me has long past. Even after a reminder email to the council I still to this day have not had a response.

This email was also sent to the leader and the part time CEO of the council giving them plenty of time to answer and also direct officers but they also chose to ignore the issue.

Perhaps the leader who is also my local councillor is not concerned in relation to residents concerns nor complaints and has other pressing issues?but to ignore residents show neither leadership or the correct way to run a council.

How can Harlow’s residents complain about service or conduct of officers if those at the top Cllr Clempner and Mr Morley will not take charge of officers within the contact point?

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that this council really has an issue with dealing with its residents and dealing with complaints from its paying residents?

Lee Dangerfield

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2 Comments for Letter to the Editor: “Is Harlow Council listening to complaints?”:

tony durcan
2015-03-05 17:47:44

Hi lee. The new road markers were putting in by the North essex parking partnership after consultation with residence.i currently sit on this board so happy for you to direct your concerns to me.all sites are reviewed and can be improved or removed if it's not working. Happy to send your concerns to the nepp,and monitor any replies

Lee Dangerfield
2015-03-05 17:58:30

Cllr while the issue remains it's the service also. Your officers seem to think that it's ok to tell residents what is a complaint and what is not. I am aware of who did the work and did object to the whole scheme but never heard any thing. Seems that the council just do what they wish. Your leader also promised the consultation to be sent but as always it never happens. Perhaps if the council listened this won't happen.

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