Another UKIP councillor set to step down in Harlow

Politics / Mon 23rd Mar 2015 at 05:47pm

A UKIP councillor is set to step down after less than a year in his post.

Cllr Terry Spooner was elected for the Great Parndon ward in May 2014.

But speaking to YH, he confirmed that due to “partly living away from Harlow” he was unable to totally fulfil his commitments.

Despite such challenges, cllr Spooner attended 80% of the meetings he was required to be at.

Great Parndon has been a traditional Conservative ward and so UKIP may have a fight trying to hold onto the ward.

In Dec, 2014, Jerry Crawford stood down for health reasons, from Mark Hall ward. UKIP saw their vote collapse from 600 votes to 300.

Should they lose, they will be down to just three councillors.

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1 Comment for Another UKIP councillor set to step down in Harlow:

2015-03-24 14:29:02

Yet again UKIP are putting Residents before Party. Terry is standing down for logistical and geographical reasons to give Residents a local Councillor who will be better able to serve the people in Great Parndon. Jerry could have taken a six month medical break, but chose to do the decent thing and stand down to give the Residents of Mark Hall someone who was in a better position to serve them. I think both should be applauded for doing the right and the principled thing for Residents. As for the Mark Hall vote collapsing it should be noted that in the last week of the Mark Hall By-Election a nasty Anti-UKIP campaign was run. This included a rally in the town centre from a vindictive little Labour offshoot - and anti-UKIP leaflets delivered throughtout the ward containing lies about UKIP. Sadly a number of UKIP supporters were taken in by these lies. We are now more prepared should something similar happen again!

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