English Democrats put a candidate forward for Harlow

Politics / Tue 7th Apr 2015 at 09:48am

THERE ARE now seven candidates for the General Election on May 7th in Harlow.

The English Democrats will be putting a candidate forward.

We asked their candidate, Eddy Butler to put tell us a little bit more about himself.

Mr Butler said:

“I am a 52 year old father who lives in Loughton and often visits Harlow for shopping, leisure and work.

What marks the English Democrats out from all the other parties is that we favour the creation of an English Parliament. England is the poor relation in the UK.

This issue is likely to because of increasing importance with more and more resources poured into Scotland and Wales at our expense. England has no voice to correct that imbalance.

For a start England is the only part of the UK where people have to pay proscription charges .This is a disgrace.

I think it is a disgrace that visitors and patients have to pay to park at Princess Alexandra Hospital. In Scotland patients do not have to pay to park in hospital car parks.

We are also totally opposed to membership of the European Union and desire that we regain our freedom.

Eddy Butler
Harlow has historically been a hub for research and development and innovation. We must build on this tradition to provide well paid secure jobs – not minimum wage service jobs and zero hour contract jobs.

I live in Loughton which is near Harlow and have lived there about ten years.

I often go to Harlow to shop, for leisure (eg cinema), heath reasons (hospital) and work.

I have been in the EDs for 4 years and have stood for them previously for Epping Forest District Council.

The main difference about the EDS is that we support the creation of an English Parliament. Otherwise quite similar to UKIP. The English Parliament issue is likely to grow in prominence in the years ahead.

I would oppose moves to build more houses and make Harlow bigger – as I oppose building on the Green belt and making conditions overcrowded with to much pressure on the infrastructure – schools, health, roads, water systems etc.

I support innovation and extra emphasis placed on research and development – which used to be key sectors in Harlow’s economy.

As MP I would speak out on these issues – and warn of the creeping danger of Islamic extremism.

I have chosen to stand in this election to campaign on these issues, raise awareness and hove people the choice. Elections are about choice – and having the widest choice available to the electorate is what true democracy is about.

I would start by speaking our without fear of party whips and be an independent voice for Harlow. Harlow has been treated as a back water for too long. If elected everyone would hear about Harlow the next day.

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