English Democrat candidate thanks UKIP for signing nomination

Politics / Thu 16th Apr 2015 at 03:56pm

THE ENGLISH Democrat candidate, Eddy Butler has thanked UKIP councillor, Dan Long for signing his General Election nomination forms.

Mr Butler said: “I just knocked on Mr Long’s door while collecting signatures. I saw he had a big UKIP poster but thought I’d see what reaction I got anyway.

“He came to the door in a UKIP T shirt and was very passionate about UKIP. He showed me some video clips of his council work about which he was justifiably proud.

“I had a long chat with him about politics and we agreed on many issues. He (and his wife) agreed to sign my form on the basis that he thought that people should have the right to stand for election to give democratic choice.

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17 Comments for English Democrat candidate thanks UKIP for signing nomination:

tony durcan
2015-04-16 18:59:31

Poor Dan just when you had hoped this mistake would disappear up pops this story. Just re enforces the complete mess UKIP is in Harlow.i know they quote "common sense" a lot but this is no turning into "no sense". Real shame that Dan isn't able to show support for his own PPC for UKIP,if he cant rely on his own councillors I'm not sure Harlow will have much faith in him either.cheap shot from EN PPC but then he did state Harlow was kidnapping nurses to work in the NHS.he doesn't believe Harlow needs any extra homes as we have enough.so those on the council priority list can just forget it. Sad that local politics has got this low and silly.

Eddy Butler
2015-04-17 13:36:46

What's wrong with encouraging different shades of opinion to stand in the election? I know Stalinists don't approve of that sort of thing. But normal decent English people do. It shows admirable common sense, To anyone who was listening at the first hustings I said that we were effectively stealing doctors and nurses from less developed countries. To someone with an over active imagination this might (I suppose) translate to 'kidnapping'. That is a sad commentary on the mental ability of some of our electorate. I certainly do not advocate a major house building scheme. Certainly not until we shut the door on immigration. The Labour Party brought in 4 million migrants - do you ever wonder why we have a housing problem? People who refuse to shut the door guarantee a continuing problem. Very few of these migrants pay enough tax to justify their position in the economy. They are making us poorer. We are full up and I do not want to see my countryside destroyed by fanatics who want to allow anyone to come here for their own obscure reasons.

2015-04-17 15:35:00

Well Cllr. Durcan - have you never had any agreement with any other party ever? I seem to remember you being in a Labour - Liberal coalition not so long ago. Far from being in a mess - we have a full slate of candidates here in Harlow, and more of them live in the ward they are representing than Labour, or any other party. It also says a lot that Sam got his signatures easily without needing Dan. As you well know Tony, signing a nomination form says nothing about how someone is going to vote! Frankly, trying to make something out of this is pretty pathetic - which I think, to his credit, is Eddy's point too! By the way - I notice that having watched Labour in Harlow complain about the Cross of St.George and the Union Flag over the years - I see Miliband has the Union Flag all over his election podium - hypocrisy.com perhaps you could say.......!

Claire Khaw
2015-04-18 07:58:28

For someone who used to be a British Nationalist to now support a party that is actively campaigning for the break-up of the Union is bemusing. Is this the result of a lack of principle or just a question of any port in a storm?

Eddy Butler
2015-04-18 08:31:07

There are plenty of ports for someone who might support the outdated concept of British Nationalism Claire - but as you know I'm not one of them. I know you like to stalk me across the interweb, but this topic us probably better pursued on my candidate Facebook page as it has nothing to do with this topic.

Claire Khaw
2015-04-18 09:02:13

The clue is in the noun "British" which was always an English project. Only fools think the English, Scots and Welsh will be better off after the break-up of the Union. The rest of the world will regard the British as a broken family - its parents divorced after one or both parties to the marriage have committed acts of adultery, its children likely to do worse at school after living in a one-parent household who has taken to drink and regularly bringing home unsuitable lovers. No good will come of it, and no benefit accrue to your reputation, Eddy Butler, for refusing to see this. Make no mistake: Britain will be DIMINISHED after the break up of the Union and if you are British, it means that YOU too will be diminished.

tony durcan
2015-04-18 09:09:25

Signing a nomination paper against your own PPC nomination does call into question the confidence that other have in his ambitiies. He clearly has no confidence in winning as he has decided to stand as a local councillor. So by some miracle if he did become the MP would he then waste tax payers money by having to resign and force a by election. Mark I know your off hoping to be the MP for Chelmsford but you have to admit is all a bit desperate. Re comments from EN PPC you not about a collective community but a divided community,the history of new towns is one community and so it will remain.

Eddy Butler
2015-04-18 10:13:57

Signing a nomination paper is not a declaration 'for' or 'against ' anything other than agreeing to someone's ability to contest an election. I know the Labour Party has a long history of attempting to persecute people who sign nominated papers for candidates they disprove of, so I guess this is the explanation for the Labour Deputy Leader of Harlow council's confusion. His grasp of the democratic process is clearly slight, as he seems to think that someone who was elected as a councillor would have to resign one seat if also elected as an MP. I favour a united community. Labour sponsors division - a diverse community. By definition Labour's obsession with diversity is to glory in division. No wonder society has problems.

Eddy Butler
2015-04-18 10:19:56

Claire There is some truth in your suggestion that Britain is an English concept - which underlies the resentment seen in some quarters in Scotland and Wales - and for that matter Ireland. This is becoming an ever growing source of division in these islands and England is currently the poor relation - with less power and less control over its own destiny. Reestablishing the union based on equal partnership in a federal structure would solve this problem.and create greater long term cohesion and strength. This is why I support the EDs over outdated British Nationalism.

Claire Khaw
2015-04-18 12:00:24

Allowing Plaid Cymru to dominate Wales and the SNP to dominate Scotland will just mean that their economies will be trashed by socialist incompetents. The English first need to take control AGAIN and then allow the Welsh and Scots a degree of independence, but only if there are sensible people in charge. Wales and Scotland is stuffed with ambitious socialists whose only agenda seems to be to trash their own economies just because they know it would upset the English. When they have they will doubtless be rattling their begging bowls at the English.

tony durcan
2015-04-18 16:12:28

Not sure what this has got to do with a UKIP councillor supporting EN PPC to stand against his own party. Clearly the UKIP councillor was admitting it was a mistake which had been accepted. if not then Dan can resign from UKIP and stand for EN,issue sorted

2015-04-19 11:57:15

Really Tony? I thought you had some knowledge. A number of MP's are Councillors too in their local areas, so not unusual AT ALL! I have said before people have signed other parties forms, sometimes by mistake for most of the 18 years I've been politically active in Harlow. It happens every year - so frankly Tony - please grow up, and stop clutching at straws. I'd concentrate on getting your house in order - like the 65 MP's who employ people on zero hour contracts, the TUC moving a motion of no confidence in your candidate, your refusal to trust the people with an EU referendum - and so on!

tony durcan
2015-04-19 15:30:31

Happy to stand corrected if you supply 5 MPs from the last parliament who were serving MPs and local councillors,who were elected at the same time. Dan excepts it was a mistake which to his credit he admitted.This story was then misused by ENPPC. You keeping the issue alive and giving more credibility to the confusion over UKIP and EN . We all have different views on europe,I'm a big fan. We all have views on unions,again I'm a big fan. It ok to be different,let's respect and let Harlow decide.

Eddy Butler
2015-04-20 11:10:52

Misused? The only person who deliberately 'misused' or mendaciously misconstrued it was the Labour Deputy Leader of the Harlow Council. I clarified what had happened - and made it clear that Mr Long wasn't specifically supporting me and that he was and remained a keen UKIP supporter, and that his intention in signing the form was to encourage participation in democracy. A difficult concept for Labour to get their heads around I know. Whether or not a councillor gets himself elected as a councillor at the same time as he gets himself elected as an MP (hypothetically) has no bearing on whether he can retain both seats. So this statement is totally false. By stating it the Labour Deputy Leader of Harlow Council was spreading a falsehood: 'So by some miracle if he did become the MP would he then waste tax payers money by having to resign and force a by election.' Will a retraction be forth coming for spreading this falsehood? Incidentally PPC stands for Prospective Parliamentary Candidate. After nominations close, candidates are no longer Prospective. So you can drop the erroneous extra P.

2015-04-20 14:27:35

Actually I thank you for that Eddy - you were just clarifying what happened like you say above. The only people trying to make capital out of this was Labour! Who judging by their nasty little offshoot activities - appear obsessed by us in UKIP - anyone would think we have them worried!

2015-04-20 14:31:53

As for MPs that are also Councillors. Robert Halfon is also a Roydon Parish Councillor. Angela Watkinson is also a Councillor in Havering. Mike Hancock was also a Councillor in Portsmouth. I believe a number of other Lib Dem MP's past and present have been Councillors and MPs. It's not uncommon at all Tony!

tony durcan
2015-04-20 21:20:28

What a result now been told by the PPC EN that he's going to report me,clearly he's worried. Job done

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