Robert Halfon counters critics on voting record

Politics / Wed 22nd Apr 2015 at 04:00pm

Robert Halfon April 22ndTHE CONSERVATIVE candidate for Harlow was in bullish mood in the Broad Walk this morning as he continued to campaign for the May 7th poll.

Mr Halfon wanted to go on the record to counter recent criticism of his voting record as well as comments made about him on social media.

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2 Comments for Robert Halfon counters critics on voting record:

2015-04-23 12:54:14

Thanks for the praise - but to vote only for Tory motions and always vote against opposition motions is surely NOT putting Harlow first!!!! Surely one should look at the merits of all motions - and vote appropriately. If elected I would not be controlled by a party whip but vote for the needs of Harlow every time. Also - no explanation for Robert's vote against gay marriage offered ... perhaps the only time he rebelled!! Murray Sackwild PPC Green Party

2015-04-23 21:18:04

In response to Marks and Spencer and Robert Dyas closing "Of course some shops have shut, shops will always shut, but a lot have been opening too. You just have to look at the regeneration of the Water Gardens for example..." Would that be the regeneration of the Water Gardens that happened in 2003? 7 years before Mr Halfon was elected. Of course a few new shops/restaurants have opened there in the past five years (Five Guys, Greggs, Frankie and Benny's...), however for those to have opened other businesses had to close/move (Pizza Hut, The Water Margin, HMV...) in the first place.

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