Children at Freshwaters Academy have been making use of their funky fingers.

Funky FingersTHE Burnt Mill Co-operative Academy Trust school, in School Lane, Harlow, has signed up to the Funky Fingers programme in an effort to improve the motor skills of its children in nursery and reception.

Funky Fingers sessions are held for ten minutes every day to help children with their writing skills.

Teacher Tiia Sutherland said: “Children are given tasks to complete, such as seeing how many pompoms they can move from pot to pot using tweezers, how many elastic bands they can put around a paint bottle or how quickly they can fill a skewer with beads and then empty it again.

“Funky Fingers sessions are always done to music with a strong rhythm or beat. When the music starts, the children are engaged with their Funky Fingers activities. We change the activities each week and every day the children try a different activity in their groups.

“They love the Funky Finger sessions!”

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