Ward by Ward: Church Langley

Politics / Tue 28th Apr 2015 at 07:06pm

LAST May, there was a suspicion that UKIP might have a chance of getting in here. They did in a number of other wards. The reason they did not may be down to a few things.

One of them was undoubtedly, the strength of the local candidate, Tony Hall. That may well hold sway here as Andrew Johnson is also a popular candidate.

Andrew is the type of councillor (and shadow leader) who really seems to enjoy being a Conservative and all that it stands for.

He is also, like Tony Hall, a highly visible councillor and approachable. He will no doubt be buoyed by the Halfon factor, which could be considerable. Not least of which is that Robert Halfon lives close to the ward.

The Tories won by 225 votes in 2014 and there is nothing to show that they won’t extend that lead.

Ken Lawrie is a dedicated Labour campaigner but he will know he is up against it.

Prediction: Cons hold

Name of Candidate

Kuzna Jackson (Lib Dems)
Andrew Johnson (Cons)
Ken LAWRIE (Labour)
Robert Patterson (Ukip)

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2015-04-29 15:41:32

The trend in the Conservative vote here is down. Last year they polled under 1000 votes for the very first time. Unlike when I was UKIP Candidate last year, Robert Patterson lives in the ward - so maybe, just maybe.......

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