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Politics / Wed 29th Apr 2015 at 01:32pm

THIS WAS all as bit too close for comfort for Harlow Labour back in May 2014. UKIP did not have a particularly strong candidate and yet only lost by 28 votes. This time, Pat Long is standing for UKIP and what the Long family lack in political sophistication, they more than make up in enthusiasm and zeal.

Labour won the By-Election by 221 votes in 2012

The Labour candidate is an Essex County Councillor as well as the wife of Harlow Council leader, cllr Jon Clempner whilst the Conservative candidate, Michael Hardware is another of the Conservative’s loyal activists who has stood a few times now.

Both Labour and Conservatives will hope for some General Election bounce here, so it could be an interesting ward.

Prediction: Lab hold

Toddbrook Ward

Name of Candidate
Karen Clempner (Lab)
Michael Hardware (Cons)
Pat Long (UKIP)

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2015-04-29 15:10:53

Actually last year Peter Buss was an excellent and hard working UKIP candidate, who stood as result of the Labour Candidate being the very Housing Portfolio Holder who reclassified his downstairs dining room as a bedroom so the Council could charge him the Bedroom Tax! As result Peter is now the UKIP candidate in his home ward of Staple Tye. Pat Long and Mike Hardware live in the adjacent ward of Bush Fair, and Karen Clempner in Little Parndon. You're right to mention the Long factor though - as Cllr. Dan Long has shown what members of this family can do for Residents!

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