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Politics / Mon 4th May 2015 at 05:45pm

SO, it is only a few days to the Polling Day for the general election! And I must say that the campaigning from all the parties have been fierce and very competitive.

So today’s blog is about why it is so important to vote and why you should go out on 7th May and place a cross in a box, and have a say in who should run our country.

We can complain all we like about politicians and the state of the country but when it comes to voting its fair to say that we, as students, are not the most active of participants, many of us don’t even bother voting in elections and wonder what the point of it all is. Yet people have campaigned for generations to give the citizens of the UK a free and fair vote; people have even given their lives through movements such as the suffragettes, by not voting it almost seems a little disrespectful and a waste.

But why should you vote? Well the answer is simple, as much as you may think that your vote doesn’t matter, but it does. In 2010, although up by just under 10%, the percentage of 18-24 year olds voting was under 45%, but what does this mean? It means that students like us are not getting our voice heard and our opinions cast aside. The government lacks a certain amount legitimacy, if the whole country does not vote in the election the outcome is not truly representative of the British public.

So here is why we should vote:

We live in a democracy – We have the right to vote for whoever we want to in free and fair elections, many other countries do not allow its citizens this right.

Voting gives the Government legitimacy – meaning they have the people’s support to make decisions.
The more young people vote the more likely politicians are to make policies that benefit us – every vote is important so many politicians are inclined to try and do as much as they can to help and win your votes.

The Suffragettes spent years campaigning to give Women the vote – many even gave their lives, some say it is disrespectful to them to waste your vote.

Voting gives you the power to choose how the UK is run – if you have a complaint about the way the country is being run voting is a way can make a change, you can choose a candidate to suit to your views.

Your local MPs can help fight important issues for you such as planning – voting for them can help them keep their jobs and continue their positive work in your community.

Even if you live in a safe seat voting is important – living in a safe seat constituency doesn’t mean your vote won’t make a difference. The constituency of Crewe & Nantwich was a safe seat for over 25 years until 2008. If one just ‘gives up’ change will never happen.

The more people vote the more representative Parliament will be of ordinary British people – a representative Government is important in order to create laws that represent the views of the people.

You can leave your ballot blank – if you don’t agree with any of the parties you can leave your ballot blank, it’s a much more effective protest than not voting at all.

So whoever you go and vote on Thursday, please vote, have your say and make a difference! Young people are the future of this country and by voting, you are making this country young people friendly.

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