Ward by Ward: Mark Hall: UKIP: Two become none?

Politics / Tue 5th May 2015 at 12:18pm

IF THERE WAS ever a ward that encapsulated what we think (and we stress think) the rise and fall of UKIP then it may be the Mark Hall ward.

Can we first say, that the message from Harlow UKIP re community is one we hardly ever hear from over in Thurrock, where our sister paper covers two constituencies.

We do hope that particular message does not fall on stony ground.

In May 2014, UKIP won two seats in this ward, The two candidates got 662 and 646 votes with Labour polling 602 and 599 respectively.

It did not last long. Cllr Jerry Crawford stood down not after just a few months. In the Feb by-election, Labour trounced UKIP polling 586 compared to UKIP’s 353. UKIP muttered about dirty tricks but we tend to question whether Labour should be credited for their ability to have a well-oiled machine that wins the ground war.

As significant was the fact that the Conservative Party vote held up.

It does seem that Harlow UKIP seem to have been left to themselves and don’t seem to have got as much obvious support from their HQs and that may mean the root of their decline.

We could be wrong..

Prediction: Labour gain

Bob Davis (Lab)
Janet Doyle (UKIP)
Lesley Rideout (Lib Dems)
Jane Steer (Cons0

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