Jake’s blog: What will a Conservative government bring?

Politics / Mon 25th May 2015 at 10:45am

By Jake Shepherd

SO the results are in; as the Conservatives look forward to the first Conservative majority government for nearly 20 years, I thought we should reflect on what’s been and what is to come.

So May 7th ended with the most dramatic election night since 1992, with the Lib Dems taking a tumble and the Labour heartlands swaddled in the arms of the SNP wining all but three of Scotland’s 59 seats.

Yet when dawn broke the nation awoke to pollsters and pundits across the country being faced by firing squads of criticism as the conservatives faced a shock victory winning 331 seats, with protests sparking in London and Cardiff calling for electoral reform and a general ousting of the newly formed conservative government what should we expect in the first 100 days of a conservative government?

Well David Cameron wasted no time outlining he’s very own programme for government with his coalition partners biting the dust there appears to be nothing stopping him from he’s radical reforms over the next parliament.

An EU referendum has taken centre stage in the Queen’s Speech and talks to repeal hunting bans and human rights it makes you wonder if the 36% of us who voted conservative really know what they’ve gotten us into.

I personally feel that the tactical attacks on Labour’s competence has casted a rather large shadow over the proposed £25bn of welfare cuts and the prospect of a rise in tuition fees.

So with the Queen’s Speech scheduled on the 27th of May and George Osbourne’s emergency budget on the 8th of July only time will tell the true results of this conservative majority.

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