Chair of Harlow Council apologises to UKIP over “Fascist” outburst

Politics / Fri 29th May 2015 at 02:31pm

Ian BeckettTHE Chair of Harlow Council has apologised to Harlow UKIP following an outburst at the General Election count.

Although the incident took place a few weeks ago, cllr Ian Beckett decided to use the occasion of his last meeting at Harlow Council as chair to issue a full and frank apology.

YT understands that cllr Beckett shouted “Fascist” at the UKIP candidate, Sam Stopplecamp as he made his speech after losing the General Election contest in Harlow.

Speaking this morning, Mr Stopplecamp said: “I accept the apology but still feel angry. He shouted it out as he stood hear to my father. My father knew people that fought and died fighting against fascism in World War Two.

“Labour fought a dirty campaign and that outburst summed it up.”

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2 Comments for Chair of Harlow Council apologises to UKIP over “Fascist” outburst:

Richard Richardson
2015-06-03 10:33:59

It was unfortunate that this man (Ian Beckett) who held a position in the council failed to behave in a gentlemanly and courteous manner towards our candidate Sam Stopplecamp and UKIP during Sam's speech at the GE results. It was disgraceful and I told him so, until Bill asked me to leave it and hold our UKIP heads high. It was upsetting for us, because UKIP ran a fair and democratic campaign within Harlow, without resorting to attacking any other political party. Neither Sam nor the friendly members of UKIP Harlow deserved that outburst. As a newcomer to politics I personally learned a lot during this election in Harlow; Mainly that the ‘militancy roots’ of socialism are felt deeply by many Labour campaigners, and that the real thugs in suits often wear red rosettes (it changed my view of Labour for life). Maybe there is hope though; an apology is the start of trusting the electorate to make up their own mind, without the need for an iron fist bullying agenda to win a Labour argument. Above all, I’m a voter too, I have a voice, and fair play is at the core of British values. I still feel sad, but I also forgive.

2015-06-05 13:52:44

It takes a big man to apologize - and I admire and thank Ian for doing so. But this anti-UKIP campaign by nasty little Labour offshoots like Hope not Hate, Unite against Fascism and Stand Up to UKIP have roots in Harlow through the Labour Party and the Harlow TUC. They have delivered anti-UKIP leaflets full of lies, and quotes from the out of date 2010 UKIP manifesto (written by David Campbell Bannerman, who is now a Tory MEP, and dismissed as "drivel" by Nigel Farage), and quotes from members slung out of the party. Cllrs Forman, Stevens and Clark have been photographed at a SUTU event behind a banner claiming UKIP are fascist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, sexist and islamophobic. Yet no apology from them despite a referral to the Council Standards Officer. The question is do these leaflets appear on Labour Candidate Election Expense Returns - I suspect not. This has been going on for over a year now, and as the UKIP By-Election candidate for Mark Hall in February - I was subjected to it. We now have a ridiculous petition and campaign from a Leeds Green Activist to stop our LGBT branch from marching in the London Gay Pride March. Why should LGBT UKIP members be stopped from taking part? Isn't this a Human Rights issue that these people claim to care about so much? UKIP is the only party in the UKIP to ban membership to former BNP, EDL, Britain First or other extreme right wing organisations. We had more ethnic candidates in the General Election than the Green Party! Labour has taken some in and put them up for election! We have many strong Muslim members, and one has even written a best selling book called "I'm a British Muslim". We aren't homophobic, as our Scottish MEP is openly gay, and we have a strong LGBT branch - who want to go on the Gay Pride March. As for sexiest - our manifesto was written by a woman, our transport spokesman is a woman, our home affairs spokesman is a woman, our small business spokesman is a woman, our health spokesman is a woman, our employment spokesman is a woman, and so is our disabilities spokesman. All appointed on merit, and not an all woman shortlist in sight! We also had a large number of excellent female parliamentary candidates. All I say is don't believe what others say, come talk to us, and find out for yourselves who UKIP are and what we stand for! In the General Election we had a number of unsavory incidents with Labour - one of which involved intimidating a black UKIP deliver and was reported to the police. It seems with socialists - it's still do as we say, don't do as we do!

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